Studio Policy 2021-2022
This studio policy applies to clarinet lessons taken with Julie Werth, September through June.
Lesson Tuition
Tuition - Invoices are emailed right before the 1st of each month for that month's lessons.  Payment is due two weeks after that.  Weekly lessons are required during the school year, except during some holidays that will be announced in advance.
You may pay with check or the Paypal function on my website (listed above).  Students must pay tuition for all lessons that would occur when the studio is open.  Tuition reserves your lesson spot just for you, and also pays for the preparation that I do for students.  Having the full number of lessons is crucial for your child’s progress.  If your child cannot attend some of their lessons, follow the requirements below so that you can reschedule the lesson.  There will be no refunds given.
Re-scheduled Lessons
If the student cannot attend a lesson:
  1. If you give at least 24 Hours’ notice
    1. A lesson may be rescheduled for whatever reason, provided 24 hours' notice is given.  (For example, in order to reschedule a Wednesday at 2 pm lesson, you need to notify me by Tuesday at 2 pm.) Please cancel your lesson through my website’s calendar  If you are unable to log in, send your request by email to  If you do not have email available, call 425-836-9656 and leave a message.  Cancellations sent by text or phone call to any other number are not accepted.
    2. How to reschedule - You are responsible to reschedule the lesson.   You can reschedule it by clicking on an “available time” in the Music Teachers Helper calendar.  If you have any problems on the website, please just email me your request.  Any lesson rescheduled once may not be rescheduled again.  A reschedule credit may not be used to pay for the regularly scheduled weekly lesson.  Instead, sign up for an extra lesson to use a reschedule credit (ie. take two lessons in one week).  The reschedule credit will expire two months after you cancel.  However, all remaining reschedule credits expire when school ends in June, even if it is less than two months after you canceled.
    3. Concerts - If the student is performing in a concert or is at honor band at the time of the lesson, just give me 24 hours notice, and I will cancel the charge for that week.  No makeup will be required.  However, if you want a make-up anyway, go ahead and sign up for one.
  2. If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance – If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, there is no reschedule, makeup, refund or credit.  This includes canceling for such reasons as having too much homework, being tired, lack of practice, sports schedule changes, play practices, family member’s illness, parties, holidays, visitors, etc.  The only exceptions are the student’s illness, hospitalization of a family member or a death in the family. In these cases, please let me know what happened and we will reschedule the lesson.  If we go back to in-person lessons, and there is snow or ice on the roadway, we will do an online lesson instead.
  3. If I cancel your lesson, I will reschedule it with you.

Studio Closures
The studio will be closed for several vacations.  Tuition is not charged for studio closure times.  The studio is not closed on every holiday.  The exact dates of the closure will be announced before the closure.  If you go on vacation when the studio is open, you need to reschedule the missed lessons.  Take two lessons per week to do so.  I recommend doing that before your vacation, but a reschedule credit is usable for two months after the canceled lesson as well. Exception: you must use up all reschedule credits by your last day of school, even if that means you have less than two months to do so. 
 Items needed during the lesson
1. All your lesson music, plus ensemble music (eg. school band, youth orchestra).
2. Pencil
3. Metronome and tuner.  Online or phone apps are fine, as long as you can access them while taking the online lesson.
4. Music stand
5. Chair in which the student can sit straight (flat seat).
6. Extra reeds
7. Students will sometimes be asked to use a mirror during the lesson.

Set-up for online lessons
1. Set-up so that I can see your face and both hands as you play, and your music stand does not block the view.
2. There needs to be more light in front of you rather than behind you so that you are not back-lit.
3. Use a quiet room, away from household noise.

Home Practice
Practice Frequency – Students are expected to practice regularly.  I recommend practicing five to six times a week, not counting the lesson itself.  Doing many short practices is better than doing a few long practices.  Tips for practicing will be taught.
Equipment for Home Practice
  1. Chair in which the student can sit up straight.
  2. Music stand
  3. Metronome – a free phone app or online metronome is fine.
  4. Tuner – a free phone app or online tuner is fine.
  5. Mirror – put one on the music stand or practice next to a wall mirror
  6. Pencil

Practicing for Solo Performances and Auditions – Practice more when preparing for a solo performance or audition.  Continue practicing your regular lesson materials during this time (scales, etudes, excerpts, other solos).  Your lesson will cover both the regular lesson materials and the solo or audition music.

Trial Lessons (new students)
Trial lessons, which are usually half-price, are used to determine a student’s level and to plan goals, materials, reed strength, etc.  If you wish to take one lesson only, to prepare for an audition or performance, full price is charged.
Summer study
Summer tuition plans will be flexible to allow for vacations.  Lessons are not required every week.  Your regular lesson time will be reserved for you in the fall if you take lessons most of the summer.  Reschedule credits may not be used to take summer lessons.  More details will follow at the end of spring. 
When we are back to in-person lessons
Waiting for your lesson – it is best for students and parents to wait for clarinet lessons in their car, so that another student is not disturbed.  Some students put their instrument together in the car, giving them more time to play.
Arrival & Departure – Please do not come to the door early.  Please do not enter the house by yourself.  Because lessons are scheduled back to back, late students will have a shorter lesson (the ending time will need to remain the same as usual).
Items to bring to lessons – Bring extra reeds and all your lesson music, even if you didn’t practice some of it.  Younger students will be given an assignment book and advanced students a solo list - bring these to every lesson too.  Bring music from school and other groups if there is an upcoming playing test or help is needed on the music.
Parking & Neighborhood – Please park in our driveway whenever there is a space available.  Otherwise, park on our side of the street, in front of our house.  I have received three requests from my neighbors: Please do not park across the street. Please pull over to the side of the road when dropping off or picking up children.  Please drive slowly on our street – there are children and dogs playing.
Younger Siblings – Siblings must stay with their parent.  Please do not let them play with the dogs by themselves.