ClarinetFest - all of July, free!

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ClarinetFest is this month, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from July 9 to July 31.  Everything is free and online.  You can see concerts and lectures at   You can also listen to concerts on the International Clarinet Association’s youtube channel:

Download this program to find the schedule:  The Agenda at a Glance starts at page 20.  The more useful Agenda is on page 28.  

At "Masterclasses" you get to hear a student performance, and then listen to a professional clarinetist coach the player.  For instance, there is a masterclass Saturday, July 10, at noon our time.  One of the students is playing Weber’s Concerto No. 1, which many of our high school students know.

They also have many classes and clinics where you can learn more about the clarinet.  On the more detailed Agenda on page 28, look for the codes to find classes for your level of clarinet playing.  You can attend other levels too.
CLC1 = approx. 1 years experience.  
CLC2 = approx. 2-3 years experience.  
CLC3 = approx. 4-5 years experience.  
CLC4 = approx. college ready (I’d say that is advanced 11th and 12th graders).

Mrs. Werth

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